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Bic Runga Review

October 28, 1998. Munchen, Germany. Bic is touring together with Neil Finn, this is the last night on tour in Germany. The concert is held at Incognito, a Live Music Club in the Kunstpark Ost area. About 150 persons have showed up to the event, scheduled to start at 21.00 and at 21.00 sharp She enters the stage. 30 minutes and 8 songs later it is all over.

I did not get the name of the first song clearly, I think it was called "Presence". After this followed "Welcome to my kitchen". Both songs were very much in the same style as her album. Then followed "Hey", "Suddenly Strange", "Swim", a song I did not catch and finally "Drive". Dressed all black, she sung here songs playing her acoustic and electric guitar in well-known style. Here voice is just like on the CD, bright and clear. Her songs was very well accepted by the audience and she got some great applauds.

All to soon, when you really started to enjoy her performance, it came to an end, and you went home with a feeling of a hangover, you just wanted more. I hope she comes back soon with a bunch of new songs, I want to hear her perform again.

Photo from San Diego concert (40 kb).

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