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Teresa Teng - The most famous Chinese singer of all times. Her magic voice has spellbound millions of people over the years. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago but her music is still alive.
Hong Kong - The crown of South China. The former British colony is today one of the most exiting cities in China, going it's own way in the Chinese society. Learn more and be amazed like I was once.
Sun Eclipse - The total eclipse of the sun was a magnificent happening. Read my own story and view my pics and get carried away.
The Singing Christmas Tree - Come here and listen to the best known songs from the Christmas season. And sing along!
Bic Runga - The star of tomorrow. This young kiwi writes and performs her own very special music, one of these days she will break through, be sure to know her before this happens.
Singapore - What is it that is so special about Singapore? I went there on my vacation to find out, now you can find out as well.
Stefan's Blog - I never wrote a blog before but will make an attempt at least. Come over and leave your comment or insight!
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider is my absolute favourite among games. In these pages you will find screenshots I made while playing the game. Very nice pics.
Faye Wong - The biggest popstar in Asia, has sold over 10 million CDs. Her fans are called "Fayenatics" because that's what they are. She is a phenomena.
München - The city I lived in for 7 years. Probably the most beautiful city in Germany, well worth a visit.
Superstrings - Physics and science of today is very interesting, but what is it all about? Get familiar with our new universe and what strings and superstrings means for you.
About me - The author of this site, that's me. But who am I anyway? To find out is only one click away ... :)

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Katharina, William and Joakim in July 2014

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